[TRAVEL] Aerisk x BKK 2015 with Ecopians Pt. 2

I am busy to update my travel blogpost. So I decided to do a gallery (with captions) and vlog together as a blogpost. Hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to ask me any question regarding the venue or pricing, if I can recall the information I will let you know! 🙂

Breakfast @ The Eugenia, Sukhumvit Bangkok

Address: 31 Sukhumvit Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 259 9011

Our breakfast area 🙂

AeriskxBKK'15 0177 AeriskxBKK'15 0179 AeriskxBKK'15 0181 AeriskxBKK'15 0183 AeriskxBKK'15 0188 AeriskxBKK'15 0192 AeriskxBKK'15 0194 AeriskxBKK'15 0196 AeriskxBKK'15 0200 AeriskxBKK'15 0205 AeriskxBKK'15 0207 AeriskxBKK'15 0212 AeriskxBKK'15 0222


The Grand Palace Bangkok

Address: Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand

With tour guide!

AeriskxBKK'15 0230

*Do wear proper attire before you enter the Grand Palace!


  • NO PANTS OR SKIRTS THAT SHOW ANKLES (No mini skirts, shorts, 3/4 length pants, etc)
  • NO BARE CHESTS (For men)

You can rent or buy the clothes from the shop:
(It just in front of the entrance of the Grand Palace)

AeriskxBKK'15 0234 AeriskxBKK'15 0238 AeriskxBKK'15 0243 AeriskxBKK'15 0245 AeriskxBKK'15 0247

It’s super HOT DAY!!!!

AeriskxBKK'15 0249 AeriskxBKK'15 0251


AeriskxBKK'15 0254

Honestly I don’t know the ticket price 😛

AeriskxBKK'15 0255

I really like the building structure, especially the golden feel.
AeriskxBKK'15 0261 AeriskxBKK'15 0265 AeriskxBKK'15 0266 AeriskxBKK'15 0269 AeriskxBKK'15 0273 AeriskxBKK'15 0274 AeriskxBKK'15 0275 AeriskxBKK'15 0278 AeriskxBKK'15 0280 AeriskxBKK'15 0282 AeriskxBKK'15 0283 AeriskxBKK'15 0284 AeriskxBKK'15 0286 AeriskxBKK'15 0287 AeriskxBKK'15 0289 AeriskxBKK'15 0290 AeriskxBKK'15 0292 AeriskxBKK'15 0294

I’m just a bit tired because the Grand Palace is very big and the weather is super hot!

AeriskxBKK'15 0296 AeriskxBKK'15 0298 AeriskxBKK'15 0300 AeriskxBKK'15 0302 AeriskxBKK'15 0308 AeriskxBKK'15 0310 AeriskxBKK'15 0318 AeriskxBKK'15 0320 AeriskxBKK'15 0321 AeriskxBKK'15 0323


AeriskxBKK'15 0325 AeriskxBKK'15 0329

#JumpingShots #2

AeriskxBKK'15 0344 AeriskxBKK'15 0349 AeriskxBKK'15 0361

Dinner @ Long Table, Bangkok

Address: 48 Column Tower Fl.25. Soi Sukhumvit 16, Klongtoey noe, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
View: ★★★★
Food: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Highly recommended for people who have no budget on your meal in Bangkok. You should take a chance to have the fine dinning experience at this place. Continue reading to find out whats the food we ordered last time.
*By the way, I didn’t have the record of the list, so there is only picture.
My company they managed for employees to have the fine dine on the POOL! Yes, it’s having your food on the top of the water/pool!
It’s is fun and scary but yeay, is a good experience for us! 😛

AeriskxBKK'15 0374
AeriskxBKK'15 0378

I still can’t really manage to take low light picture by using my Sony s5100! *Keep tryin!!*

AeriskxBKK'15 0382

The pool dining space is actually one level up the normal dining area. Please mention to the management when you do the reservation.

As the waiter mentioned, they will use the pool in the day time. When it comes to night, they will open for reservation to enjoy the fine dining on the pool! They actually place sometime transparent (It’s something like acrylic material) on the pool with glass table and nice serving sets!
AeriskxBKK'15 0375 AeriskxBKK'15 0393 AeriskxBKK'15 0395 AeriskxBKK'15 0404AeriskxBKK'15 0413 AeriskxBKK'15 0414 AeriskxBKK'15 0415

Others dinning area 🙂

AeriskxBKK'15 0417 AeriskxBKK'15 0452 AeriskxBKK'15 0453 AeriskxBKK'15 0457 AeriskxBKK'15 0459 AeriskxBKK'15 0462
AeriskxBKK'15 0541

I highly recommended you try their mango sticky rice. I know it’s a bit crazy to have this meal in this place. But it’s really delicious! I can’t forget the taste of the small amount of mango sticky rice on my taste bud!

AeriskxBKK'15 0542

AeriskxBKK'15 0466 AeriskxBKK'15 0477 AeriskxBKK'15 0478 AeriskxBKK'15 0538

The night still so we move on to the 2nd round…

Nightlife @ Maggie Choo

Address: 320 Silom Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
It’s a very classy place with jazz music. They’ve these ‘China doll’ will walk around or stand at the specific area ‘for display only’!
The drinks & alcohol there is pricey. If you’re looking for a drinking place but budget, then Maggie Choo’s Bar will not be your choice.

AeriskxBKK'15 0555 AeriskxBKK'15 0563 AeriskxBKK'15 0570 AeriskxBKK'15 0573 AeriskxBKK'15 0585

*By the way, I have no idea the China Doll that they mentioned is the real Chinese or it just someone looks like Chinese. For me I don’t think they all are the real ‘China Doll’.

AeriskxBKK'15 0588 AeriskxBKK'15 0589


Actually we went to 3rd round after Maggie Choo. It’s call Silom Soi 4, is a gay bar. Ok la, just a experience but yeay, no more next time to any gay bar. I felt like I’m monster there! Haha! And my camera is out of battery so I can’t managed to take more picture or video after that. So yeay! That’s all for the Day-2! See you at the next blogpost!



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