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Hey girl, Christmas is just around the corner. I am going to introduce you a very unique brand that came from Korea. You might include this to your christmas gift list!

Femmue Review 0017

It’s called FEMMUE, they are actually a premium brand of producing the natural and healthy botanical skincare & cosmetics company. Is my pleasure to be the first in Malaysia to try out these amazing products! Thank you FEMMUE. :3

Let’s me share you some basic profile about this brand.



Femmue logo

Femmue is a combination od ‘Femme’(Woman) and ‘Mue’(Change)

Nature change through different environments and adapts accordingly to maintain its vitality. Therefore, changes in nature represent strong vitality, and this meaning is captured in the name ‘FEMMUE’.

Femmue is a cosmetic brand with a philosophy based on nature’s strong vitality.

‘Our vision is to create skincare products that contain natural and healthy botanical ingredients. That is why we are always concerned about giving back to nature, because we also receive great gifts from her.’ Si-nae Chung (Founder of FEMMUE)

Continue reading to know my review on the brand products.

I will be covering few of their main products:

1. Global Cera Smart Cream
2. Brightening Mask Foam Cleanser
3. The Botanist Mask (4 different series)
4. Tinted Lip Treatment
5. Rouge in Rose Lipstick


1. Global Cera Smart Cream (50ml)

Femmue Review 0006

This is a high moisture cream that cares for sensitive and troubled skin. It includes natural coatis flower ingredients (Goldthread flower).

Femmue Review 0005

Honestly, I like to use this at night. it really helps on my dry skin. I personally suggest to people who use this at the beginning you can try on small amount on face first. As I mentioned before, it is high moisture cream (I’m not kidding! haha).

Smooth and white.

I really have to praise the packaging. For their smart cream, they have this packaging we call it Press-Down Pump which normally use in nail remover. Instead of using normal cream packaging, now they bring this packaging technique to their products and make it more hygienic and attractive.

Femmue Review 0012


 2. Brightening Mask Foam Cleanser

Femmue Review 0007

The brightening mask foam cleanser contained White Flower Complex, White Clay and Milk. This is a 2 in 1 facial mask cleanser which you can use it as mask pack or cleansing function. It is smooth and creamy texture with rose scent.

Femmue Review 0008

I am super like this product. Usually I will use this after I remove my makeup.

How do I Use
I will apply a layer of the cleanser as mask, apply for 5-10 mins will do. After that I will just rinse off when I shower.

Femmue Review 0011

I know people might think of apply mask before shower is very unnecessary. But for me, I am using this as my cleanser as well. It is work on my face. Now my face is cleaner and brighter.


3. The Botanist Mask (4 different series)


    Calming / Hydration
    Chamomile with excellent soothing effect calms the sensitive skin by covering it gently.
    A genuine vegetable bamboo sheet + Transparent and refreshing essence
    Hydrating / Radiance
    Elder called ‘a gift from the heaven’ makes fresh and dewy skin with providing moisture instantly.
    A genuine vegetable bamboo sheet + Transparent and refreshing essence
    Blooming / Radiance
    Peony keeping transparent skin makes it blooming, gorgeous and satiny.
    A thin and soft microfiber sheet + Milky and refreshing essence
    Revitalizing / Soothing
    Lavender recovering vitality for rough skin makes it soft and moist with giving a boost.
    A thin and soft microfiber sheet + Milky and refreshing essence

Femmue Review 0010

I personally recommend the Peony Mask (Pink). After apply this mask, my face is glowing at the next day!


4. Tinted Lip Treatment

Femmue Review 0014

Tinted Lip Treatment have this ingredient called Damask Rose and also Shea Butter. It have this powerful moisture coating effect to makes your lips stay moisture all day long.

It is something like lip balm with a light tinted pink color. I like to use it because it really moisture my lip all the time! (Of course you eating you will remove it a little bit.) Normally I use it at night, the moisture-ness really stay until the next day! I like!

Texture that smoothly melts onto lips to create attractive and natural lip colour with tinted effect.

Color & Swatches
The color is light pink. It might be invisible for you but when I wipe my lip I can see the color on it!

Femmue Review 0001

This is the important point I need to mention! The packaging is magnetic cap which I think is very useful! I always drop my lipstick cap and the cap might be loose after sometimes. I have to praise it, they really play smart on the packaging! Brilliant!

Femmue Review 0013


 5. Rouge in Rose

The lipstick contained Damask Rose, Calendula, Camellia Flower Oil and also the most important thing to add which it the Natural Butter.

Femmue Review-02There is always a concern for me to choose get a good lipstick! I don’t really like to use lipstick because it might cause my lip cracked / dry. But Rouge in Rose Lipstick have really good moisture when I applied. And yes, I am still using it! haha!

Smooth and not sticky at all! And they also implement the secret of the tinted lip treatment so it wont make the lip crack.

Color & Swatches
The color looks vibrant but natural. Me like this!
If you had follow my makeup blog you might know I like to create gradient lips. *still…* haha
The red one definitely my lip color choices!

lip color-01 Femmue Review-01

Packaging wise, I’ve the same comment as the tinted lip treatment.


I like their concept of using natural and botanical ingredient for skincare and cosmetics. Thank you my friend Michelle for helping me to do the basic ingredient checking! It’s definitely safe to use and good for our skin!

They did their packaging is more than my expectation!

Throughout all the product that I review above, I like the Global Cera Smart Cream and Brightening Mask Foam Cleanser the most! Especially Brightening Mask Foam Cleanser, I used it as double cleanse after remove my makeup. It is fast and quick! Everyone lazy women like me should give this a try! Haha!!


Currently the FEMMUE is not officially launch in Malaysia. If you are interested in the product concerns, details or business related inquiries, please contact me at aerisk.o@gmail.com.

For immediate reply, please contact me through WeChat, @aeriskong-123.



femmue dot com

Do check out their official page and follow the page for more latest updates!
Facebook: FEMMUE – 파뮤
Insta: Femmue
Website: www.femmue.com

Femmue Review 0009Christmas is coming soon! This might be a good pick as a christmas gift! I get mine, what about you? :B

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  1. Michelle said:

    You are welcome! Thanks for the opportunity to find out more about these products too. Very important as we have sensitive skin and combination skin. Glad that you found a product that is true to their vision. Love the scent too!

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