Fitness First Malaysia

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to share with you some of mine research on fitness centre. Chinese New Year coming in these 3months? Girls (ok it’s me) need to start working out between this 3months to get the slimmer body to celebrate my CNY! hahaha *Girls’ thought!

I’m just started yoga 6months. Honestly, after I started yoga, I felt better after I sweat! Exercise is very good for people like me long hours sitting in front of computer to work. Exercise/yoga really release my tension on work. I like yoga, because it’s peaceful, quite and slow, so that I can really concentrate on my mind and body.

That day I was looking for the fitness centre, there is few very popular in Malaysia. And from one of my colleague, he recommended me a fitness centre (is in my list). It’s Fitness First Malaysia. He said recently they just renovated, and their service is good! The most important thing is, They serve the CLEAN TOWEL!! Well, I never been others fitness centre, so I’m not sure other people serve dirty towel or not! hahahaha


Through Tammy, The Mamasan from Butterfly project just texted us, and she said’6 of us has been selected to join the event that organise by Fitness First Malaysia, and I was like… WOW!! YEAH!! HOORAY!!! So today I’m gonna share with you what we had done on the event day 🙂

FF The Curve0005

Honestly I really forgot they rebrand their corporate identity. When I looking at the logo and everything, I was thinking ‘Fitness First is it?’ After that I only realise they rebranded! haha! The new branding is more unique and strong identity! I love that! Felt so energetic!

FF The Curve-04Let’s start with a quick and basic company background for people don’t really know about FF (Fitness First). Read More