Triumph Malaysia

First of all, what do you think of Triumph?

Truimph 'Find the One' 0056

My friendssss’ answer:
‘Very expensive lo…. Pattern a bit old fashion lo…’

(Most of the people will said their bra is pricey but for me…)

My answer:
Yes. It is pricey but it really worth the price! The quality and the ‘supportive’ of the bra is superb! They’re in my list of my fit bra brand!

My cup size is 34C, usually I cannot wear the bra without the strips because the bra might not be ‘carry’ my boobs! *haha* So I need to wear full cup, means what? I can’t wear off-shoulder clothes, deep V or even low back dress.. How sad is the life…

Don’t ask ‘why don’t try nubra’ this kind of question, because I tried, unexceptable… Then I met Triumph.

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Choosing a life partner is just important to every single women. Finding THE perfect bra is crucial for every woman too. According to a survey conducted by Triumph International, seven out of every 10 women would wear the wrong size bra and many are clueless on the right ways to find a bra that fits perfectly. Without any proper guidance, around three million women would resort to the Internet in search for bra fit advice every month.

As the leading lingerie brand in Malaysia, Triumph is excited to announce the launch of its “Find the One” short animated movie that brings to life the magical experience of finding the perfect fitted bra.

Created to accompany the “Stand Up For Fit” and “Find the One” campaigns, it is the very first time a lingerie brand has used animation to illustrate the life changing experience of finding the right bra. The animated movie even has a 3D version of Triumph and Sports Illustrated model, Hannah Ferguson, who is the main character in the movie.

Find the one animation-01(Animation at the end of the blog)

Truimph 'Find the One' 0005

Said Doy Teo, Director of Triumph Singapore and Malaysia: “Women are always on a constant hunt to find the one great fitting bra that works just for them. Through this campaign, Triumph hopes to address the various concerns that Asian women are facing while searching for a bra with the perfect fit for themselves.”

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Starting from 21 September 2015, Triumph launched a fitting campaign nationwide, targeting to fit 50,000 women across Malaysia ensuring they find the right fitted bra.

Every woman who visits any Triumph Boutiques or counters will receive a free fitting consultation conducted by Triumph professional fit experts. From measurements of the correct bust size to finding your actual bust age and body shape, the comprehensive fitting consultation will help women find their perfect one!

On the event day, Triumph Malaysia has invited our local celebrities to join us and share us the way they find their perfect one.

Daphne Iking, Amber Chia, Deborah Henry, Dynas Mokhtar and Ogos Kat

Truimph 'Find the One' 0048

And finally I met her..

She is so close to me! I shy la!!
Hold my hand lagi?!! *almost fainted*

Truimph 'Find the One' 0054

Truimph 'Find the One' 0020 Truimph 'Find the One' 0022

Overall Triumph aims to fit one million women in Asia and help them find the perfect fit for their lingerie needs.

Get fitted at any Triumph Boutiques or counters nationwide today!

Triumph Find The One Animation

For more infomation, please check out their official page:
Triumph Malaysia’s Facebook
Truimph Malaysia Official Website

Thank you Triumph Malaysia.