I am busy to update my travel blogpost. So I decided to do a gallery (with captions) and vlog together as a blogpost. Hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to ask me any question regarding the venue or pricing, if I can recall the information I will let you know! ūüôā

Breakfast @ The Eugenia, Sukhumvit Bangkok

Address: 31 Sukhumvit Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 259 9011

Our breakfast area ūüôā

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It’s been 2 months I came back from Bangkok. Finally I’ve done my 3mins vlog about the trip! haha! The 5days of my Bangkok trip, I can’t even make it into 3mins video. So I make it into few parts and it will be slowly upload on my YouTube Channel Florence & Lace!¬†


Do Click the link to find out more video about my beauty and makeup ideas ūüėõ

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Fav silly face shots with Kelly & Alicia!!

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Hi Melvin &  Elaine

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Miss Kimberly watching Elsa when we flying! hahahah

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Youngest tour guide ever! haha

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|  Lunch @ Nathong Restaurant  |

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The relax-ful lifestyle in Penang is a result of the cultures, religions and food. Penang is a total fusion of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races. From cuisine to architecture, you can see, feel and taste the Penangite flavour. I am always recommend people to come and visit penang! Now a day social media very popular, everyone is using instagram, twitter or facebook. A hashtag is simply a way for people to search for. So here’s my recommeded¬†10 Hashtag When You Travel to Penang!

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1. #PenangHeritage Culture

This is a must to visit when you are in Penang, which can be found everywhere! Old building architecture, heritage entrance, heritage street look, hawker food stall and etc. 

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2. #MuralArt for Street Art Hopper

In year 2012, Ernest Zacharevic created his first mural art/street art in Penang, it called Little Children on a Bicycle at Armenian Street. His talent brought Penang into another level of artistic state and also enhance mural art into a trend! The mural art trend also encourage more young artist in Penang to engage this state with their strokes.

Photo Credit: © Gabija Grusaite


For Zacharevic official Mural Art, you may click the link HERE to find out more!
For all the Mural Art in Penang, you may refer to Celine’s World Blog for more detail location!


3. #PenangFoodPorn of Local Food

Never ever miss penang food, especially Penang Asam Laksa!! If you have limited time to travel in Penang, I would recommend you just go to Gurney Drive. The food at Gurney Drive is standard Penang food taste. If time allows, I will suggest you for a Local Penang Food Hopping you can explore more delicious Penang Cuisine!

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4. #ArtMuseum in Interactive Museum

Let’s off to indoor art! 3D wall art/interactive art is trendy among the whole world. 3D wall art is¬†refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. Penang local artist¬†is up to trend too! They bring in the international idea & concept of the 3D wall art applied with Penang’s culture & element.

How it works? People who holding the camera need to stand on some a specific spot to capture the 3D effect!

Photo Credit: Flikr, spunktitud3


There is 2 location to explore 3D Art Museum:

‚ÄĘ ¬†Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
‚ÄĘ ¬†Made In Penang Interactive Museum ÁĺéŚõ†śßüŚĽä


5. #BabaNyonya at Peranakan Mansion

What is Peranakan?¬†The Peranakan Heritage dates back to 15th & 17th Century. Through the intermarriage between the early Chinese immigrants and the local malays, a fusion of culinary skills, taste and distinctive flavours gradually evolved. In¬†Malaysia, they address themselves as “Baba Nyonya”. Nyonya is the address for the women and Baba for the men.

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The Peranakans had created a unique lifestyle and customs, you may visit Peranakan Mansion in Penang to find out more about this culture.

Photo Credit: © Ken Wah


I’ve 30% nyonya gene! My grandma’s mother is a traditional nyonya. The cultural are still influence to cuisine and language in Penang. When I was a kid, all the food cooked by my mom or grandma all are nyonya food & kuih! It’s so different compare to normal chinese or malay food! It’s unique & tasty!


6. #PenangFerry | The Oldest Transportation Service in Penang

This is a traditional transport to carry both vehicles and pedestrians since 1920. You can experience 360 degree view of Penang island & mainland. Highly recommend for people who like to take picture or tourist, to have an experience to look at our beautiful island in the different perception. 

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7. #TambunSeafood at Bukit Tambun (Mainland)

Not forgetting the seafood in Penang! Bukit Tambun a village of seafood trading whereby they are able to get seafood first hand thus very very fresh & reasonable price. This is the reason why people from the island would travel all the way to Bukit Tambun for seafood. Cheap price + fresh seafood, why not?! haha!

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8. #ClanJetty | The Floating Fishing Village

Clan Jetty is the floating fishing villages lined along Weld Quay. With the 19’s century of the village structure & wooden walkway, tourist can get closer to know and feel the fishing village. There is 8 clan jetties can be found here, Chew Jetty, Koay Jetty, Lee Jetty, Lim Jetty, Peng Aun Jetty, Tan Jetty, Yeoh Jetty and others Clans Jetty. Chew Jetty still being the biggest and most well-known among others.

Photo Credit: © fwukai


If you have lack of time to explore all the clan jetties, I will recommend you go for Chew Jetty. Walk through the wooden house until the end of the jetty you can capture a panoramic view of the port between the mainland and island.

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9. #KekLokSi | Temple of Supreme Bliss

Standing on a the top hill of¬†Air Itam, Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. During the Chinese New Year, it will be decked up with flowers, angpao¬†packets and lanterns. Air Itam will turn into a fairyland¬†of¬†thousands of colourful lights set the temple glow! You definitely won’t regret it.

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10. Explore our #HistoricalCity

UNESCO was acknowledge George Town as a heritage & historical city. By get to know and feel more the history of Penang behind, you can explore the monuments and memorials in this city!

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The Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is one of the most recognizable icons of Penang Island. It stands at 60 feet tall at King Edward Place (Pesara King Edward) next to Penang Port Commission. I like the Moorish style of the architecture, this clock tower possesses four tiers with the base tier designed in an octagonal shape. The next two tiers comprise four distinct faces and decorated with windows, balconies and four working clocks. The top tier is rounded off with roman pillars and rooted with domed cupola.

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On the base tier, it is stated ‘This clock tower is presented to Penang by Cheah Chen Eok in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1937-1897‘.


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Do comment down below and tell me your idea on what am I suppose to hashtag when I travel to Penang!


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