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ButterflyMsia Makeup2015-01

Hi all! Today wanna share with you my recent makeup in 2015! I take sometime to observe the Taiwanese pretty girl, the way they did their makeup is quite interesting! It’s very different compare with Korean Makeup! Korean makeup very concentrate on foundation, face & skin. Taiwanese makeup they makes their looks BIG by using few colors of eyeshadow, black eyeliner and the most important thing, mascara! They apply quite a few times of mascara on the lashes to make it looks 水汪汪! Now I want to show you how I did it! I’m the Taiwanese 美眉 today :3

I will also list down the items that I used at the end of the tutorial! Some of the items are from the Butterfly Msia Beauty Box:)

Well, I’m still recovering from the TCA Peel session that I did last week, so you can see my skin here still have a bit of skin peel and acne!


ButterflyMsia Makeup2015 0006

Let’s get started!!

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Helo,这次要分享我对我现在用着的眼影盘做评论啦!虽说我对彩妆保养是新手,但我就是忍不住买一盒万能的眼影盘,当时是想买UB的/Naked 2,到最后买不到也就算了(因为缺货)== 放弃了Naked 2 以后我还是想拥有一盒眼影盘!所以跑到SaSa去看啊!怎么知道就真的给我抱了一盒回家… 嗒嗒~就是它!

Nude’tude Palette, the Balm, MYR115

当时买的时候没有很大的期望眼影涂在眼皮上会多美多美(毕竟人家想要UB的嘛);但是用了几次后简直就是出乎我的意料。这盒 Nude’tude 眼影盘的颜色很适合亚洲人的颜色,效果不错漂亮哦!(哎呀!没拍到用这盒眼影盘的照片呢 >< 下次吧!)在这里show一下这眼影盘的实拍好了!

以上你们可以看到我是用了不少呀!尤其是那淡粉红色(图一),再带珠光的 Stubborn 和浅褐色 Sultry,看起来好像不好上,但是我都是上完base色后就上它,看起来有淡淡的褐色在眼皮上看起来很自然。要不然就是用来打鼻影,超好用!

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